8/10/19, Calabasas, CA: Intrinsics Inc is proud to announce the addition of Heijunka Vision™ Analytics. As in its Japanese namesake, Heijunka will help asphalt shingle manufacturers level production with higher quality and lower waste.

Heijunka Vision™ connects inspection sensors with powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning to automate human vision tasks—with better accuracy and reliability. The result is an unblinking eye that provides early detection of manufacturing defects, color inconsistency, waste, and safety problems.

“We’ve begun implementing Heijunka Vision™ at several asphalt roofing manufacturing plants”, says Craig Smith, VP for Business Development. “Already it’s spotting defects well before human operators can. Companies will save thousands of dollars in waste and, more importantly, stop defective product from shipping.”

At the core of Heijunka Vision™ is the subset of AI called machine learning. Heijunka Vision’s machine learning algorithms provide useful outputs from production video or other visual sensors that often go unwatched. With analytics dashboards and audible and visible alarms, operators on the factory floor are immediately notified of production problems and provided clear context for decision making.

The Chief Technology Officer, Eric Cheng says that “Our software team uses a broad suite of computer vision algorithms to perform tasks tailored to each customer. In asphalt roofing, Heijunka Vision™ not only finds defects in granule coatings, but also detects problems in fiberglass underlayment, color consistency, product wrapping, and even pallet counts.”

Heijunka Vision™ Analytics is available now from Intrinsics directly as well as from certified channel partners and integrators. For more information visit: https://www.intrinsicsimaging.com

About Intrinsics Inc:

Intrinsics is a leading provider of integrated end-to-end vision analytics solutions for the manufacturing and logistics industries. The company is a pioneer and leader in the development of AI and deep learning technology to provide useful outputs from visual sensors that otherwise may go unwatched. For more information visit: https://www.intrinsicsimaging.com.