April 6, 2020 06:00 EDT | Intrinsics Inc.

Intrinsics Inc, a leading provider of Industry 4.0 vision technologies, is proud to announce the expansion of Heijunka Vision™ Analytics into building materials manufacturing. The expansion builds on an expansive suite of vision analytics developed for asphalt shingle manufacturing, where Heijunka Vision™ has already gained a strong reputation for raising quality and reducing waste.

Heijunka Vision™ now continuously inspects building materials in-process to ensure specifications (such as dimensions, smoothness, straightness, and color) are met. The result is an unblinking eye that provides early detection of defects, waste, and safety problems. Quality managers are discovering that Heijunka Vision™ applies powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to vision sensors that automate human vision tasks — often with better accuracy and reliability.

“Instead of pulling samples off the line for hourly inspection, building materials manufacturers can now inspect 100% of all products as they pass by.” says Craig Smith, VP for Business Development. “And Heijunka Vision™ can spot defects well before human operators can. Companies can now rapidly divert product—with much less waste—to make corrections and avoid shipping defective products.”

At the core of Heijunka Vision™ is an expansive suite of computer vision and AI algorithms developed by world-class vision engineers. “Heijunka Vision™ leverages an extensive toolbox of vision algorithms forged over decades of delivering mission critical vision systems,” says Eric Cheng, Chief Technology Officer. “With Heijunka Vision™, every customer gains access to our team of expert vision engineers who tailor these algorithms to every application to achieve high levels of detection sensitivity with minimal false alarms.”

Heijunka Vision’s machine learning algorithms provide useful outputs from production video or other visual sensors that often go unwatched. With analytics dashboards and audible and visible alarms, operators on the factory floor are immediately notified of production problems. And supervisors are provided with clear context for quality-improvement decision-making.

“I’d like to invite manufacturers of building products everywhere to contact me at https://www.intrinsicsimaging.com” said Mr. Smith. “We can present highly pertinent real-time examples and even set up a no-cost demonstration in your plant.”

About Intrinsics Inc:
Intrinsics is a leading provider of integrated end-to-end vision analytics solutions for the manufacturing and logistics industries. The company is a pioneer and leader in the development of AI and deep learning technology to provide useful outputs from visual sensors that otherwise may go unwatched. For more information visit: https://www.intrinsicsimaging.com.