Empowering Enterprises with Computer Vision

Practical AI that automates repetitive tasks, reduces cost, and increases productivity

What We Do

Intrinsics uses AI and advanced deep learning to build enterprise-specific vision systems. Our systems slash costs and mind-numbing work by automating human vision tasks with better accuracy and reliability. The result is enhanced quality, productivity, and lower labor costs.

Improve Quality

Enhance product reputation
Cut product claims
Eliminate defects at the source

Reduce Waste

Lower environmental impact
Reduce product cost
Improve efficiency

Optimize Labor

Work smarter
Enhance productivity
Decrease drudgery


Asphalt Shingle Manufacturing QC

  • Early defect detection
  • Reduces waste, enhances quality
  • Reveals coating color problems
  • Eliminates defective product shipment

Fiber Cement Siding Manufacturing QC

  • Automates human vision tasks
  • Instantly detects defects
  • Confirms dimensions and trueness
  • Cuts waste and claims

In-Process Flatness Management

  • Single-pass flatness deviation of entire sheet
  • Line laser coupled with computer vision
  • Continuous high-precision measurement

About Us

Our best-in-class AI and vision algorithms efficiently automate visual inspection tasks. The result is reduced waste and improved quality — with very high ROI.  We pride ourselves in providing a concierge level of service, working with your team to build analytics tailored to your objectives.

Why Intrinsics?

Intrinsics stands apart from industrial vision companies that sell off-the-shelf sensors with DIY configurable software. By providing finely-tailored analytics as a service, Intrinsics leaves nothing for you to train, adapt, or implement. Deployment does not end until Intrinsics has tuned the analytics to your application and all performance targets are met. Once operational, white-glove service continues with 24/7 monitoring and support, data backup, and continuous software upgrades. Your Intrinsics engineers are always ready to update analytics to accommodate changes in products, manufacturing, or quality specifications.

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